About Me

My name is Brandon Luis Marin. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA in the early 90s. I loved music from a young age and have always been connected to the church, sometimes closer than others. I have an incredible family that I owe a lot of credit for making me who I am today. I have two sisters who I love dearly. My parents are amazing individuals who, not only always told me, but also have shown me how I should lead my life. I will be forever indebted to them and it is always my goal to make them proud of their son. 

I married Megan, the girl of my dreams, in March of 2013. The impact she has had on my life is unimaginable. I am a better person every day because of who she is and who she makes me. She is my perfect balance. She is an incredibly hard worker. She is my other half, my better half. She also happens to be the biggest fan of my music. We are extremely blessed to call ourselves parents to our two wonderful children, Baylor Jack and Ellen Goode Marin. They light up our world in ways we didn’t even know existed. Leading my family everyday and watching them grow is enough for me, everything else is a bonus.

I have lived in the Atlanta Metro area since 2004. I started leading worship in our church youth group in high school and still lead this group in worship once a month. I also lead worship regularly at a college and career age bible study called Impact, and other events and conferences from time to time.

I graduated from the University of West Georgia with a BBA in Management. I am on staff at Atlanta West Pentecostal Church where I serve in operations and music. I am currently pursuing to write, record, and release original music for God's people individually and His church collectively.

I would not exist, nor would anything else, without the creating and life-breathing power of God almighty. He gave me a love for music, the ability to create it, and an opportunity to share it. Methods can be changed; sound, rhythm, style, these things are all variable. Innovation and adaptability are essential in reaching a diverse world with the universal Gospel. That "good news", however, can never change. No matter the climate, content, or character of our culture, the message remains the same. I thank God for the things he has entrusted me with and it is always my goal for my music, as well as my life, to revolve around communicating Truth and bringing Him glory. 

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to get to know me a little. I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong journey that sees us lift the name of Jesus Christ as high as we possibly can.


- Brandon Marin

About Rise & Go - EP


Produced by: Joseph Salamida, Brandon Marin

Engineered by: Kevin “Gomie” Gomez, Joseph Salamida

Vocals: Brandon Marin, Scarlett Elms

BGVs: Brandon Marin, Scarlett Elms

Group Vocals: Brandon Marin, Joseph Salamida, Scarlett Elms, Winter Elms, Simon Sangary, Samuel Sangary, Raquel Sangary, Carissa Feist (Giving it All Away, Letting Go)

Electric Guitars: Brandon Marin, Corban Norris (Holy Ghost, A New Day)

Acoustic Guitars: Brandon Marin

Mandolin: Corban Norris (Holy Ghost)

Steel Guitar: Jason Webb (Keep Movin’ On)

Cello: Jared Cooper (A New Day, Letting Go)

Bass: Dennon Dearman

Drums: Joseph Salamida, Brandon Marin (Letting Go)

Percussion: Joseph Salamida

Keys and Organ: Kurt Kanhai

Trumpet: Hector Robles (Letting Go)

Mixing: Paul “Salvo” Salveson (Salvomix)


Mastering: Michael Fuller (Fullersound)


Recorded at Vanquish Studios


Photography and Design: Caitlin Salamida


All songs written and arranged by Brandon Marin.